1-4 channel gas detection control panel

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Crowcon Gasmaster is a compact, versatile and powerful gas detection control panel that combines simple operation with an extensive array of input and output functions.

Crowcon Gasmaster provides all the information you need about your gas and fire detectors at a glance. The large multi-lingual display shows gas levels from all detectors simultaneously, and enables system adjustment and testing using buttons on the front panel. Crowcon Gasmaster can operate ‘stand-alone’ or interface with any alarm devices and control systems using a selection of outputs.

Features and Benefits:

Controls up to 4 gas detectors or fire zones: Gasmaster provides a comprehensive and cost effective localized gas and fire control system.

Large display: Large LCD provides simultaneous display of all channels, and multi-lingual alarm/fault messages.

User friendly menu’s: The menu system is intuitive and easy to use, enabling configuration changes to be made easily.

Versatile I/O functions: Gasmaster can connect to a wide variety of detectors, and provides analogue, relay and Modbus outputs.

Modular design: Users only need to purchase the required number of input modules, saving cost. 1, 2 & 3 channel systems can be extended later by adding additional modules*.

* Gasmaster 4 only

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