LaserMethane mini (LMm)

LaserMethane mini (LMm)

ATEX-rated, laser-based remote methane detector

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The LaserMethane mini (LMm) is an innovative portable detector that allows methane gas to be detected from a distance. This enables easy access to hard to reach locations, such as elevated piping or locked premises, and helps keep the operator away from potential leak sources.

Utilising Tuneable Diode Laser Absorption Spectroscopy (TDLAS) methane density is measured and displayed on a clear backlit display in both numerical and graphical formats. In the latest LMm Gen 2 model, this is enhanced with a seperate LED alarm indicator and louder audible notification.

  • ATEX approval
  • Detection from up to 30m away in standard mode, 100m with a reflector
  • Compact and lightweight – only 600g
  • 5 hour battery
  • Automatic ranging

The LaserMethane mini performs a self check on start-up verifying the operation and calibration of the laser diode by referencing an inbuilt methane cell. This innovation means accuracy is maintained on the LMm while the need for external calibration is eliminated, maximising up-time and reducing ownership and maintenance costs.

Contact Crowcon or your local authorised distributor to trial a unit and see how effective, flexible and easy to use the latest evolution in methane detection can be!

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