Triple Plus+

Triple Plus+

Iconic Multigas Portable Monitors with IR option

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Triple Plus+ is the latest generation of the respected “Triple” family of toxic, oxygen and flammable gas detectors. With over 90,000 units sold to oil and gas, chemical, utility and manufacturing companies worldwide, their combination of ruggedness, reliability, ease of use and sensor flexibility has set the standard for multigas portables.

Today’s TriplePlus+ builds on this pedigree by inclusion of unique LIBRA lithium-ion battery technology and the option of infra-red (IR) sensors for the measurement of flammable hydrocarbons or carbon dioxide.

Intrinsically safe, the Triple Plus+ provides enhanced facilities for safety and detector fleet managers including selection of flammable gas correction factors (so one unit can be used in several locations across a site) and annotation of the data file with user names and site names selected from pre-configured files in the unit.

  • Robust, field proven construction based around tough “Triax” case
  • Wide range of electrochemical oxygen and toxic gas sensors
  • Internal pump option
  • Large simultaneous four gas display with backlight
  • Loud audible and bright visual alarms
  • 3 alarm levels
  • Full timed data-logging file with 100 hour capacity
  • User and site names logging
  • User menu allows calibration without PC connection

In addition TriplePlus+ IR units offer:

  • Single range IR sensor 0-100%LEL with up to three other gas sensors
  • Dual range IR sensor 0-100%LEL/0-100% volume with up to two other gas sensors
  • Wide range of flammable hydrocarbon calibrations including acetylene, methane, propane, butane, pentane & natural gas
  • 0-5% carbon dioxide infra-red sensor option

IR sensors have very high resistance to interference or inhibition by other gases and are suitable for both high gas concentrations and use in inert (oxygen free) backgrounds where catalytic pellistor sensors would perform poorly.

The unique design of the Crowcon IR sensor module used in Triple Plus+ IR allows measurement of hydrocarbons at both %LEL and % volume ranges making this instrument ideal for tank and line purging applications.

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