Detectors for flammable, toxic and oxygen gases

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The Xgard range is a comprehensive selection of fixed point gas detectors that meet the diverse requirements for gas detection in industries throughout the world. This includes many water treatment, oil and gas, power, research facility and manufacturing installations.

Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) or Flameproof (Exd) versions are available, with case options comprising high-grade alloy, stainless steel or chemically resistant GRN polymer. Certifications include IECEx, ATEX, UL, GOST-R and MED.


  • Over 30 long life sensor types available, including electrochemical, pellistor, infra-red & thermal conductivity measurement technologies
  • Rugged & reliable, with ingress protection to IP65 as standard
  • IEC61508 SIL 2 compliance demonstrates high integrity design
  • Low cost of ownership, with plug-in sensor modules for quick and simple replacement
  • Flexible installation options, including mA or mV output versions
  • Wall or ceiling mounting as standard, with accessories available for duct mounting and sampling applications

In addition the Xgard IR model affordably offers the advantages of IR technology:

  • Fail safe sensor technology
  • Immune to poisoning
  • No damage by over-gassing
  • Fast response
  • Does not need oxygen to work

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